Mini moons ago!

It seems like many moons ago since I was in Korea. It also seems like many moons ago since I was able to sit down and make some pots. For me it is always hard to get inspired until I see the fired product. I seem to have been rather busy with that lately and my schedule doesn't see many openings for listening to the radio and making some pots in my workshop. Sometime in early November which is getting kinda late for Santa I have some making time.
Here are some nice little mini moons and some other pots that are available at the opening of wood fired work at The General The opening is today so it is late notice although online is always an option. I can't attend the opening as it is a 6 hour drive one way and I teach a class tomorrow. This is the best pot shop in the country so go if ya can.

Unfortunately it also means I will miss the talk/presentation by Emma Smith and Unha Hill at The Carnegie Gallery Monday night on our fabulous trip to Korea. Hey both these events are worth the price of admission, so run don't walk if you have a chance. Oh yeah, admission is free so you can buy some pots with the money that is burning a hole in your pocket. Photo credit- Richard Skrobecki -co-owner of The General Fine Crafts.


Kathy said…
Your work shows huge love. I wish you were near, and offering classes. I wish I could make something that takes people's breath away, as you do!

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