Robbin the rich

I landed on Vancouver Island to be picked up by one of Canada's best salt/soda firers Cathi Jefferson. Cathi should have a pot in any serious collectors stash of pots. Cathi let me drive her sexy Mazda Miata down the winding narrow roads to Chosin' Pottery home of Robin "Grass" Hopper and Judi Dyelle. We had a wonderful seafood chowder dinner surrounded by a collection of over a 1000 notable pots. Here is one cupboard loaded with pots that I'll let you do the guessing game with. If you can't name at least 4 makers you need to stay after school for some private tutoring.
It was Robin Hood's mission to rob the rich to feed the poor. Grass and Judi aren't rich in money but are loaded with great art and books. I don't think I need mention the surrounding gardens.   I made out like a bandit. Their generousity of gift and kind are heart felt. I had told Grass that the plate on my favourite book of his "Makin' Marks" was such a great example of his skillful brushwork. As it turned out Grass had put away the sister of that plate some many years ago and it was presented to me as a gift. I hope it fills my home with the wonderful energy I felt in their home. Grass also knew I was a fan of two old UK curmudgeons Harry Davis and Richard Batterham. They packed up a Harrry Davis luncheon plate and a Richard Batterham egg baker along with my killer bowl. What a wonderful day and night


Owen said…
Lovely photos, hi to all! Owen

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