Truck and silly nonsense!!!

Today while I was coiling, pinching, shurforming and building these "I don't know whats" I was thinking of my old Grade 10 French teacher Battling Bertha Andrews. I had trouble with language then and I still do.   She would hit me with a yard stick on my knuckles when I didn't know what to respond in French and yell out " That's truck and silly nonsense and I won't have it!!!! I loved English class but all else was a mystery to me.  Today when I was making these forms I thought this is truck and silly nonsense. What the hell will anyone do with these? Why don't I sit down and make some cups, or plates or casseroles???? Make life easy for yourself Mr. C. Come on man you can do cups, plates and casseroles with your eyes closed. Why are you torturing yourself? Why are you standing here loosing money? The answer is "I dunno!"
I passed Grade 10 French with a Grade of 52. In thanks mostly to my Dad who helped me do an art project that had us burning and colouring pictures into cork of the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and the streets of Paris.Much to my surprise and embarrassment my Dad showed up one day for French class and sat at the back of the class. I didn't get hit by the yard stick ever again. Thanks Dad I miss you so much some 35 years later.  What I learned from you is that the life of a potter is really just a bunch of truck and silly nonsense. You gave me permission to be the odd ball. It ain't so bad!


Unknown said…
The forms brought Rie and Coper to mind; thank you!
Chantay said…
These form will be a canvas of fire, heat, and energy.

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