Packin' it up!

This is the first Labour Day in 15 years when I wasn’t planning on getting up early to head into Sheridan College to meet a new group of eager faces. I will miss the students and the friendship of the many staff I grew to love at the college. Two of my ceramic heroes Grass Hopper and Ronnie the Rat Meyers both left teaching to make the best work of their careers and to teach more students than possible in a school setting. A life on the road and the studio is the road they followed. They paved much of that road for me.
I  spent the day avoiding the 40 degree heat in my basement packing pots for Rochester. I never feel I have my best. It is always in the next firing.
I head out to BC to teach a workshop and fire a train kiln in a couple of weeks. Trying to hook up with two of my favourite Canadian potters Cathi Jefferson and Jan Phelan.  As well I plan to visit Grass and Judi so the crazy pace continues. Home from BC and then off to Rochester to stay with Dick Aerni and Carolyn Dilcher- Stutz to do the  Flower City Invitational Potters Show Going to be in the presence of so many of the best in the country. I hope I don’t spend all my money on pots. It is a slight addiction of mine. I get home for a few days and then off to La Meridiana in beautiful Tuscany. We have a small group so it will be intimate and I’ll get a chance to work along side of everyone. There is

room if you have the urge.


Anonymous said…
A couple of blogs ago you were talking about teaching and how you had to have an MFA to teach at the college level. I believe you were teaching at Sheridan College long before you had your MFA.
smokieclennell said…
Yes that was then and this is now. An MFA is required. You should have a degree higher than the one you are teaching. There are exceptions but the MFA is the new normal and guess what- a Phd is on the horizon.
have a wonderful time at LaMeridiana, and every day wherever your feets take you, Tony!
Stephani Stephenson

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