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I am lucky enough to be billeted in the home of Gillian and Allan McMillan while at the Shadbolt Center doing my workshop. As chance would have it Gillian was born a few miles away from the UK pottery of Richard Batterham who is my all time favourite potter- EVER! There is something about this work that makes me love it. I think it was having looked at Batterham's pots that initially twigged my interest in expressive trimming. He puts on a damn fine handle as well. Andrew you would love this little jar which is like the bigger one I have but it is even nicer. Mine, I think being soft mint green is most likely pine ash where I think this small one could be something like walnut. It breaks on the high points into a warm chestunut brown. I have fondled it each morning and will until the day I leave. It is a little beauty! The creamer you can't appreciate the glaze but I think it was dipped in a local ditch clay(earthenware) and then glazed in one of his beautiful ash glazes. I have had a coffee out of his little cup. I love the size of the cup. I can't seem to sell small cups as people think they aren't getting their monies worth and think bigger is better. One of life's small pleasures is to wake up to nice pots.  Andrew- Stay honest to your pots while at WVU. I know you share my love of Batterham's work.


When my wife and I went to England we were on a mission to meet Richard Batterham per a request of Tom Turner, We were lucky to find him at work and got a few nice
pots for our collection.

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