Planes, trains and automobiles

Yesterday I thought I would get to the Shadbolt Arts Centre in Burnaby, BC early by taking a red eye flight. I woke at 4:30 to get on the plane by 6am. Loaded on the plane only to be disembarked because of a leak of fuel in the wing. Better to find out on land than in the air. Delay of flight for 7 hours and then on to Calgary where I just got on my connecting flight. At the airport they had already rented my car because I was 6 hours late and should have phoned them. Really!!!!!!!!! How was I supposed to do that? So I went to another car rental place and got the last small car at the airport. So the plane and the car have let me down. It was a welcome sight to see a beautiful train kiln at The Shadbolt Art Centre and a great bunch of people to welcome me here. My assistant for the workshop is Freddie Rahn Sheridan College alumni. Freddie is an awesome maker and has all bases covered for my workshop here. Sheridan College has planted seeds almost everywhere I go. I am proud of this association.

I had a tour of the facility and lunch with the program assistants and the big boss. This is a multi million dollar facility. Tomorrow I will post pictures of what can be when a city gets behind the arts and actively contributes to a growing and vibrant arts community.


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