Smokin' Grass

If you don’t have a Robin “Grass” Hopper in your collection and you think you should have I have to tell ya there are still a bunch of beauties in his shop. This dude has made some pretty amazing pots in his life and the depth of form and colour is mind blowing. In fact there were more killer pots this time because when I last was out here Grass was still throwing production ware. You all know when ya pick something up, ya have to put something down. He decided no more mugs, no more kitchenware. He also put away some favourites from the various prestigious shows he was in and now they are for sale.  Many of these pots really smoke!
Many Canadians would like to have a Jack Shadbolt, a Tom Thomson, a Alex Coville, an Allan Sapp or other such notable painter in their collection. If you are a potter your collection needs to  North America’s  Hall of Famers.

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There was a selection of Oribe inspired pots in the showroom that I really loved. Filet mignon taste and a hamburger budget.
I’m sitting in the Shadbolt Centre waiting for the Train gang to arrive. I was up early since I am anxious to get in the kiln. It is like the first day of teaching, or the anticipation of giving a public talk or the birth of your child. You have prepared for this moment and yet it still has you on edge. Will Murphy’s Law show up or will the wood hit the ball?


Thank you tony for an amazing week! The pots are amazing and so are you! BC-in' you!

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