If an accountant’s wife can’t sleep, what does she say?
Darling can you tell me about your work?
It is the end of the year and I promised myself I would stay on top of this accounting. I got Quickbooks on my computer so I could enter expenses and income on a monthly basis to keep track of this so called business of mine. Like all New Year’s resolutions it lasted until March and then somehow I fell off the wagon. The one smart thing I did though was shove all the bills into Ziplock bags for each month of the year so at least that part of it is somewhat organized. Thanks Stef for that suggestion.
I think to get through this mess it’s going to require some red wine. I hate doing this more than I hate selling my pottery. I’d like to give my pots away to people I like and I’d like to have a fairy godmother that paid all my bills. All of this just ain’t gonna happen. I have at least 2 days from Hell ahead of me.  I figure it best to get it out of the way before the New Year so I can go down to the workshop and make work which is what I love to do.
What does an accountant use for birth control? Personality!


cookingwithgas said…
Hahaha! I hate bookwork.
Get a bigger glass.
ShellHawk said…
Umm... You're ahead of me with the Ziploc bags!
Lis said…
Yeah, me too. But getting it done always feels good and where is it written that it has to be done before Dec. 31? I have all next week yet. Cue the Sauvignon Blanc!
Owen said…
That's one for you nineteen for me....TAXMAN!!!
RichardA said…
Hah! I think we were wrestling with the same stuff at about the same time, Tony. At some point, you just go into the studio and the wheel stares back at you and says nothing...that's the time for taxes, correspondence and the like. So here it is before the New Year, taxes roughed out, holiday meals cooked and eaten, last boxes packed up for the galleries, and the shelves are empty. Hope when I go into the studio tomorrow that the wheel has decided to start talking again!
Happy New Year!

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