12 Step Program to Quit Ya Babe!

For a few years now I know we have been working too hard. I need a 12 step program to stop working all the time. No vacations to speak of unless of course you consider a bus man's working holiday a real holiday. I've been wondering what weekends are? What are statutory holidays? What is a paid vacation? Step #1 Three years ago I decided I would get a fly fishing rod and reel and take off on Sundays or Mondays and go fly fishing. Three years passed and the rod and reel sat in the corner staring at me while I sat at my desk.
Step #2 Then this spring I sprung and took a casting lesson for $125 clams. The rod and reel are still staring at me. Step #3 Now I go on line and look at vintage Airstream trailers so that I might hook up and set a hook somewhere.
All these years I've spent the weekends making pots, I wonder how many fish I could have caught?

Quote of the Day

Things do not change; we change.
Henry David Thoreau


Linda Starr said…
We did the same thing at our old home for 5 years and the one before that for 2, never went anywhere, too busy remodeling, etc. this time we said no matter what once a week we'll take a day off and do something even if it's local. we drive to the beach, the butterfly exhibit, a museum, somewhere anywhere, even to a little town we haven't been to just because if we don't do it now we never will, those fresh caught mountain fish taste so good. Years ago when I camped I used to stuff the kokanee or rainbow trout I caught with lemon slices and wrap them in bacon which I held on with tooth picks and cooked them over a bed of coals, now I have talked myself into getting a fishing rod again, wonder which of us will go fishing first?
Dan Finnegan said…
The cartoon reminds me of a dog my brother once had which he'd named 'grandpa'. When I asked him why he replied that he enjoyed yelling 'grandpa, stop licking your balls!' Thanks for the laugh
Unknown said…
clap, clap, clap!

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