Filthy Liar

OK, it is not only women that put the nix on a sale. Just the day I write that we have 3 different sets of customers where the guy wants to buy the sake/ice wine set and the woman puts the thumbs down on the sale. In fact one guy admitted to me that he wanted the set but his wife said she didn't want him to get drunk. Here is when you wonder if being rude just might be the way to handle this situation. How about "If I were married to her, I'd want to get drunk!'. How about when the guy says " I'll be back" you look him in the eye and say " Filthy Liar!!!!!". How about when she says I have to go home and talk to my husband ya say" I can see who wears the pants in your family!" or how about "Can you dress yourself in the morning?" I heard on the radio about people's love affair with rude restaurants and rude chefs. Hey, I'm only inches away on any given day into tossing out an insult.
Check out these radishes. Aren't they rude? My new inspiration from Mother Nature.

Quote of the Day
“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”
Albert Einstein


cookingwithgas said…
oh- nice radishes and yes i want to be the person who says those things!

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