I was born

in a little log cabin I helped my father build. Actually here is a picture of the log cabin that my parents and the 3 boys lived in when my father moved to Ontario to work in partnership at my aunt and uncle's pottery. My father was the mold maker. We all know how hard it is for a pottery to support one family never mind a young growing family. The log house didn't have the addition on it when we lived there. There was an icebox and a fireplace. The confines of the space and the little money they earned sure must have taxed my parents marriage. Dad moved on to a job he would hate for the rest of his life. Sometimes family can be a cruel task master.
The large log building was the original showroom and workshop which has since become a showroom and very busy restaurant/tea room. Here is a view of the pond from the tearoom. People wander across to visit the pottery workshop on the other side. This is where Brenda now works and was the refuge of my aunt and uncle when the tearoom took over their creative space.
What Pinecroft (http://www.pinecroft.ca/) has offered since 1947 is an experience. A place for a period of time when you are shut away from the rest of the world. When I was a kid it was a place to sleep on the pine needles of the roof, feed the geese from a barrel of corn by the pond and to (don't tell anyone) throw big pine cones at frogs and turtles. It was also where I learned to work!!! It was and is a potter's dream.


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