Shameless Self Promotion

Tomorrow "The Northerners" opens at AKAR Gallery in Iowa City, Iowa. One would not picture a mid west city in the middle of the corn belt as one of the most important ceramic galleries in the country. Once at a wood fire conference in Iowa City I went to my friend Ron Meyers opening. It was to open at 6 pm so I got there around 6:20 to make sure I had some good choices. There was Ron, me and two other guys and 90% of the work was sold. How could this have happened I proclaimed???? The dang computer is how! I hesitate to speculate but they probably do 90% of their business via the Internet. They do an amazing job of photography (usually 3 shots per piece) and that includes pots that sell for $30. You may be able to view the pots later today but they will not sell until opening tomorrow at 10. Then the computer takes over. I have to put a plug in for my partner here. Sheila fired 8 boxes in the wood kiln and had 6 that she sent to AKAR. That is a record for her. Hope y'all will go take a look.


stef smalls said…
That is a pretty sweet gang to hang with Good Luck you two...Remember Have fun ;~)

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