Black Hawk Down

It is with deepest sympathies I inform you that our friend and fellow potter Pat Swartzenburg at a youthful age 69 has lost her long battle with cancer. Here are a couple of pics of Pat with her friend Robbie at their small salt kiln that they used to teach a class each summer. Pat was a worker bee. She was the one to make sure the coffee was on, the chairs put up and put away. She was the one that made things work at guild meetings, workshops, conferences and of course was always there to host a guest. Robbie is having a form of Irish wake in honour of Pat's life next week. She will missed by the pottery community.
I have found in my travelling one man rock and roll band to guilds across the country there are always those special people like Pat that so unselfishly give more to life than they take. They are the glue that hold the whole puzzle together. We should never forget that for every Queen Bee there are the tireless worker bees that do all the work to make the honey. We'll miss ya honey.


Beryl said…
oh Tony; that is so true, Pat was the Queen Bee and the worker bee, she was the "Energizer Bunny". I will so miss my good friend.
Anonymous said…
Nice Comment from you Tony, I am sure the sentiment is shared by many others as well. I met Pat signing up for one of your workshops at Mohawk!

She was a wonderful person, always smiling as well, and a pretty good potter too!

I will miss her smiling face! She even got me special 2XT Black Hamilton Potters T shirts!!Funny , whenever I put them on I think of her doing that for me!

Sandi said…
Thank you Tony for such thoughtful and kind words for my sister, Pat. She was always there for me, no matter how many other things were on the go. So many memories in such a short life. As Beryl says, Pat had the 'bunny batteries' installed at some point, I just don't remember that operation! Kindest regards, Sandra

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