Thank God It's Not Friday! Most wage slaves have TGIF Thank God It's Friday celebrations so they can stop doing what they don't particularly like doing and have a weekend. Not me, I dread Friday's. Friday mornings we do housework. We clean the house. This past Friday I had to take all the pots and wash them in soap and water. The pots in the kitchen took me 2 1/2 hours and the pots in the living room another hour. One of the advantages was that I got to re-examine some of the pots and explore what I like about them. I found these three little cups pushed to the back of the shelf and I can't for the life of me figure why???? Every pot in our home has a story and these three are a memory of my time at USU. A sweet little cup by Danny Crump- the little bugger makes a damn sweet handle, an off the hump bourbon bowl by Dan Murphy that I quite like for a short nip and a nasty little tumbler by my land lady Heidi Kreitchet. I think these three pots give an insight into the aesthetic that I particularly enjoyed at USU.


Hollis Engley said…
Those are three great pots, Tony. Nice find in the back of the cupboard, eh?

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