Where the real money is!

We've discovered after a couple of decades in pottery that the real money is in pumpkins. Sheila planted pumpkins in our back yard for our Grand kid Ava the Queen of England to enter into the fall fair. We started the season by feeding them fish meal to get them bigger. We may have to go for the Martha Stewart perfect pair award since our neighbour Dr. Pumpkin has a regular field pumpkin weighing in at over 60 lbs now. If they grow too fast they could burst so maybe, just maybe Ava will sneak in under the wire.
Five years ago we generously let Dr. Pumpkin sell his pumpkins on the front porch of our pottery. We thought it would be an interesting experience for our customers. It started out on the porch went to a small wagon and grew to a stand and a large farm tractor wagon covered in squash, pumpkins and firewood. We would we waiting on pumpkin customers during lunch, supper, after supper, during pottery hours and our pottery showroom disappeared. We were the pumpkin location. Last year when I was away in Utah Sheila told Dr.Pumpkin we needed our pottery back. Oh did I tell ya that 5 years on our property and our free labour netted us a bottle of wine. Sometimes ya just have to look after yourselves.


Anonymous said…
Wow, that works out to a small glass of wine a year, how generous of the pumpkin man.

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