The Inspiration of a Kid

The reticulated glazes have me playing with form like a kid again. I am using my plates to cut up and reassemble with my thick gnar gnar slip. The slip forms a barrier for the pouring of some rather bright lichen glazes I have in mind. The bright yellow worked well as did the vivid blue. I bought some granular rutile that is almost like course 35 mesh kyanite to nail that Gap Kaki pants colour that we like so much.
Ava the Queen of England was with us for the weekend and while Sheila had her painting her bisque mud pies with room temperature glaze Tony was cutting and playing too. Nothing like a kid to bring the kid out in you.


John Post said…
Ava sure is a cutie. It's easy to see why the world stops when she is visiting her grandparents.

My elementary art students love to paint Sax Pearlescent acrylic gel medium over their painted sculptures. A little squirt into a small cup of water goes a long way. It seals in the paint and most important to little kids, it makes their sculptures sparkly. There isn't a kid on the planet who doesn't like sparkly.

Here's a link to the sparkly acrylic medium.

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