Whoeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee baby

I declare you sure look fine. Yesterday I went to Pinecroft(the site of my aunt and uncle's pottery) now beautifully run by my cousin Brenda, husband Paul and family. I'll show pics tomorrow. Here is a picture of a rose between two thorns. Sarah was wed on the pottery grounds. This is Brenda, Sarah and me. Between Brenda and I we have probably pushed a mountain or two of clay in the past 30 years. Here is Brenda's mum Tress who at 95 years young still works in the showroom. There is something to this idea of getting up for work each morning and that feeling that you still have a job to do. Tress's sister was also walking solo at 100 years old. Good genes I'd say. Paul (Dad) walks Sarah to the alter. In the words of Mickey Rooney- Always plan your wedding for the morning. That way if it doesn't work out you haven't completely ruined the day.


ladyofclay said…
What a beautiful bride ! And the rest of youse clean up pretty good too !
I'm talking 'eastern' just for you Tony, if you say youse here in the west they think you're talking about your sheep.
Those genetics on the geriatrics are pretty amazing - a combination of luck and good planning the rest of us can envy !

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