The Evolution of a Drinkin' Man

Dan commented that he thought that bourbon was a young person's drink. That may be so with Jack and the Beam but the real gooduns' are savoured by us bourbon connoisseurs. May I suggest in order of my personal preference Corner Creek, Woodford Reserve, Eagle Rare, Knob Creek, Maker's Mark with ice as a refreshment, Bulleit and Old Grandad. There are lots I haven't tried but these ones deserve to be drank- neat! Neat- no ice!
Dan here is the evolution of a drinkin' man according to me- baby bottle, juice boxes, soda, your first beer, wine on your first big date at a fancy eatin' place, and then one moves along with age to the spirits and ends life with an IV bottle. The IV bottle isn't my particular fancy on how to ingest my poison of choice but they tell me they throw some pretty potent stuff in there. I like a double so I guess that means both arms.


Cindy Powers said…
I love that song, have it on my desktop. It was one of the selections on Bob Dylans Theme Time Radio Hour. You can download the songs here.
Anonymous said…

Everyone starts drinking from breasts first, well at least trying to anyways. Sheesh, how could a guy with your sense of humour forget to in include that into your evolution of a drinkin' man?

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