In Search of the Black Box

When a plane goes down they always search for the black box. We had a firing on the weekend and the first thing we went searching for was a couple of Sheila's boxes that she had glazed in a black crackle glaze. These boxes are about form and there is no need for a maverick glaze. A simple black glaze seems to show off the form.
I have been teasing myself over another kind of box. We have been working too long and too hard in the studio. I had a dream that we needed a little tin box to get away in. Maybe do some fly fishing! Maybe have a campfire! Maybe drink a good bottle of wine! Maybe do all of it! Isn't this 1948 Airstream one of the sweetest little tin boxes you ever laid eyes on?


Dan Finnegan said…
Beautiful form on both those boxes...I'd like one of each please...
Mr. Young said…
You stated my sentiments exactly Dan! Both of those boxes are sweet!
Hey, Tony; I love, love those black boxes!!

And the tin can!!

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