I'm going nuts!

Well, we sold 5 plates with the reticulated glaze surface this weekend so I'm on a non-functional kick. I'm making some stands for a series of lichen bowls (well not really bowls) that will be mounted on some stands of clay that I make by wedging walnut shells into the clay. The walnut shells are used as a course product for cleaning as in sand blasting. Walnuts are known as the vegetable arsenic so I think anyone that wants to try this should have a well ventilated kiln. Ours is outside so the burning off of the shells will blow off in the wind. I think I can hear my neighbour coughing. When the organic matter burns out of the clay and they are glazed with the lichen glaze they could be interesting.


Linda Starr said…
hope you post the results, I've done coffee grounds which turned out like salted concrete, nice.
Anonymous said…
Cute squirrel cartoon. I have a pet squirrel. Every time I go outside he comes to visit me. His name is "little" He sat on my kiln the other day while I was changing the elements. His mom's name is "cobbie" because we watched her dig up a full cob or corn she had buried in our front lawn.

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