A Sign of the Times

A few years ago we thought we would be Ceramic Artists and not potters. We thought we'd have this tasteful understated sign that didn't stress the word "POTTERY". After all I was pursuing an MFA and had been knighted with a RCA so therefore I should no longer be a mudslinger. I would be a studio potter slash Capital A artist. Well we looked at the sign this morning and it looked rather faded and we had a number of customers that said by the time they spotted our sign they were past our studio so they decided they would catch us another time. Well the glamour of the initials has worn off and we want to sell more pots. So we resurrected our first sign that was resting in the basement. It's bright and cheerful and screams POTTERY!!! Why did you name your pottery Sour Cherry they often ask. I reply it was either that or "Sour Grapes!"
In this economy you do whatever you have to do. If the new sign doesn't work I'm going to lay naked on the highway. Whadda ya think?


Linda Starr said…
don't lie down, stand up with your thumb out as if hitching a ride to your studio, that should work.
Kari Weaver said…
Funny! I'm in the process of having a new sign made, and even though I don't really make the kind of pottery most folks think of when they hear "pottery", I'm definitely putting it on the sign.

If it's still hot down there, add a lemonade stand.
Unknown said…
The middle one looks like a gigantic business card.
mikpo said…
Go prone but don't get excited! - Chatterbird pottery (which can't yet be found)

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