American Beauty

If you can get past the personalities of the US Border Patrol you will discover American Beauty. My 3 years of going to Utah State University not only had me in luv with the people and scenery but I also acquired a taste for American Whiskey- bourbon from Kentucky to be exact. It is a bourbon wasteland up here north of 49 so I was excited when one of my former students Christine Duncan who works for the Liquor Store emailed me to tell me about Corner Creek in Ontario. A bourbon rated as a premium with tastes of get this smoke,clay, limestone, vanilla and caramel. It is packaged in a wine bottle with a cork which is strange for a bourbon. I'm a working potter so I have to wait till after work to give ya my review. Today I'll be whistling while I work. Maybe tonight we should have southern BBQ.
Don't those single flowers look beauty in Sheila's bud vases. When she puts flowers in them they sell. Whodda thunk it???


Dan Finnegan said…
I've always thought of bourbon as a young man's that I no longer fit that category I prefer scotch..the smokier the better!
I really enjoy your writing, Tony. Maybe that bourbon is keeping you young!
smokieclennell said…
thanx Dan give a good bourbon a try not the bar swill tc

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