Dinnerware almost free!

In answer to the question of how much is our dinnerware the answer is almost free! The dinnerware place setting consists of a dinner plate (12"inches square) which means 6 lbs of clay thrown over 15 inches wide to then be cut. Some people consider 15 inches a platter. I throw 3 lbs for a luncheon plate and Sheila makes the soup/salad bowl from 2 1/4 pounds of clay. We trim a foot on our work so that eats up clay and takes more time. So dinner plate, luncheon plate and sizable soup/salad bowl all for $100. Imagine if you wholesaled this place setting for $50- you just lost money. I also find I have to make 20% more to cover myself for Murphy's law. So to get 26 place settings we will make 35 of each. At $100 we don't make any money really. We make the money on the accessories. It's just like buying a base priced car then you start adding on the options. So a smart potter will present the dinnerware on the table with cups, platters, trays, deep bowls, teapot, casserole etc, etc. along with a nice bouquet of flowers in a handsome vase. The idea is to have the customer add to the base price. This may not be done when they pick up the order but it gives a reason for Christmas, birthday, anniversary presents from Sour Cherry Pottery.
You will notice our dinnerware is more bowl shaped than flat plate style. This is in response to changing diets. More people are eating Asian or Mediterranean style foods than the meat and mashed potatoes of my father's diet. The shallow bowl shape allows the sauces to flow to the middle of the plate.


Bill Jones said…

Thanks for the post. Since you are making your dinner plates 12", what is the target size for the salad plates?
bodyreduction said…
Nice plate form!

Tony, will you comment on the surfaces you have there; slips, glazes, sigg? Brings to mind some of the work of Mark Pharis.

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