A Bloody Canvas

This glaze is a result of a Saturday night conversation with Grass and Ms. Grass Keeper. They both have no trouble spending my money. Grass suggested that I try titanium and $$$tin together.  I was expecting a beautiful white on white and got this beautiful titanium blue with white ice islands. I tried the same glaze with a line blend of copper carb and decided on 2% hence the copper red.  I always put a layer of shino down first which adds an additional flux to the glaze above. It can run like a deer so I’ve kept it mostly in the inside of bowls and plates.
During our Saturday night chat there was also some discontent from Grass that I had mentioned I was moving from the kitchen to the living room.  Functional pots are deeply rooted in my bones and although I did make the plates with the Dick Aerni undercut foot for hanging on the wall I looked at them on the table and they seemed to scream Cheese, please.  It seems to me the best of two worlds when you can hang something on the wall and then actually use it.
I remember once at Ronnie the Rats seeing a pile of his wonderful drawings. I said why don’t you sell these drawings? They’re great! Ronnie answered why would anyone buy a painting when they can have a pot with a drawing on it? I’ll be spending the next couple of days packing pots for the Minnesota Potters Festival at Tom and Betsy’s Clay Coyote. It will be great to be amongst friends.

I just finished Edmund de Waal’s The White Road. For those of you like me that tried his best selling novel The Hare with the Amber Eyes and couldn’t finish it give him another chance. This book is a really great read and a must for potters

. The pain and suffering from slavery to death camps to bankruptcy all to bring us this white clay is unbelievable. I’d have named the book Porcelain- Because Blood Shows Up Best on It!


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