Do you approve???

Got this picture of a teapot from a former student and friend Amber Zuber who is currently in Japan travelling and what else- lookin’ at pots. She told me of a tea bowl last week priced at $66,000 USD. She just sent me this hagi-yaki teapot with the subject heading “ Do you approve????” A smart lawyer never asks a question they don’t know the answer to. She knew the answer.   I answered “ Ya baby, but try to get it past your local guild standards committee here in Canada!” It’s rather an inexpensive teapot priced at $1200 USD.
I listened to a young singer songwriter from Ottawa on CBC the other day that was invited by Lady Ga-Ga to sing on stage with her. The kid said  “People don’t like different!”. No truer words were ever spoken.

I get my best blog ratings when I speak up against guild standards. Most Guilds do not have aesthetic standards because they are too hard to quantify and qualify. This teapot pushes aesthetic standards. Why should you take the time to look at  this teapot? Why did I come to mind when Amber looked at this teapot? Why had it tugged at Amber’s aesthetic? Ceramic education?????  Look longest at what you don’t think you like because it is from that you will learn the most. 


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