Unique Pretty Well Figured Out!

My buddy Dennis Allen commented on FB “you have unique pretty well figured out”.  Thanks Dennis I’ll take that as a compliment. Isn’t that what we potters are supposed to do? In yester year it was to make things people need. There isn’t one thing you and I make that people need. If they need a cup or a bowl then Ikea has them pretty well figured out and damn cheap.
I know I could streamline this process and make things quicker with a whole lot less attention to detail and probably get as much if not more money for the objects. Each little detail takes time and so they say time is money.
In my youth when my goal was to be Canada’s Isaac Button I once threw 90 teapots, lids and spouts in a day. They were straight sided teapots with no trimmed foot and to be honest they were “so what” pots. It’s a teapot, so what! It took me all week to put them together.
Now a big day for me is to make 5 teapots. Because of years of production I get the height in two pulls then I spend forever refining the shape.

I’m learning the new behavior of porcelain and it has slowed me down. Here are some pots I will select from to take to Donovan Palmquist’s in Minnesota for the wood firing. It is true you need to cover this stuff and then sit for days singing Kumbuya My Lord to it ever so softly. Patience has never been one of my virtues.


Annied01 said…
Beautiful shapes!! Look forward to seeing how they look after they've been kissed by flames and ashes!

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