Minnesota Fireball

This is a big wood kiln and it has taken some time to get it loaded. The kiln is loaded and we sent it on it's way with a wee nip of bourbon. In Japan we toasted the kiln with saki. In Italy we toasted the kiln with a Barolo and in Korea it was soju. Here in Minnesota we used some American bourbon. There is a day lily on the fire box and we fed it a wee bit of salt and sprinkled some bourbon on a stick. The weather here is a pleasant 68degrees with a cool wind and hard rain. Donovan has sparked up the wood fired sauna to relax everyone for the hard work ahead in the coming 40 hours of the firing. There is work in there by Donovan and Colleen, Rick Agel, Liz ? and Kevin Caulfield. We are hoping to finish up early on Saturday morning. Bon feu!


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