Canada wins Silver!

Well Canada brought home the Silver Medal in the Hutchinson Pottery Olympics. There were some great thowers that have moved a lot of clay in their careers. The likes of Tony Ferguson, Kevin Caulfield, Joe Frank are not to be sneezed at. Lots of clay under their fingernails. The gold medalist was Mitch Sigmund . Mitch is no new comer to pottery Olympics and has more than one medal under his belt. He’s a good guy too! Congrats, Mitch. He took home a new Shimpo wheel courtesy of Continental Clay and Shimpo.   The Old Bull ain’t young and strong no mo’ but he is cunning so I managed the Silver Medal. The Bronze medal was a tie between Donovan Palmquist and Kerry Brooks. The categories were tallest cylinder, widest bowl, and widest platter with 5 lbs of clay as well as best pot blind folded.
I should have taken the time to smoke a cigar with Doc Agel but we just plain ran outta time loading, firing, unloading and visiting.  

What I didn’t bring home in hardware I brought home in love. There is so much love out there in our clay world. I love ya America! Not sure there is room for all of you here at The Cactus Lounge after the election but I’d never turn ya away.


Elise said…
Go Canada! Go JoeFrank!
Just a question.....were there any ladies in the competition?
WNC Pottery Festival in Dillsboro, NC (JoeFranks' baby) also has an Olympics and there have been ladies that stole the show. Just asking.
Thanks for the blog posts, Tony!

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