Results from the Minnesota Fireball

Here are some pots from the wood firing here in Minnesota. This

is a small sampling of the work from the kiln. Some vases by Colleen Riley, some bottles from Doc Agel, a collaborative basket by Donovan Palmquist, Colleen and I.  This was my first flirtation with porcelain teapots so I am pretty pleased with the results. I have two others glazed in salt yellow. The blob of white stuff that looks like a seagull flew over is a drip from the silicon carbide shelves. These are often referred to as potter’s tears. They don’t make me cry. They are marks of process and as a student of pots I look at these marks as blessings. The alkaline vapour from the wood firing makes the shelves cry like rain.

Come see us at The Minnesota Potter’s Festival in Hutchinson, MN this coming weekend. It’s been a long time since I did something like this so come and talk pots with me. I’ve got plenty of lies to tell you haven’t heard on my blog.


smartcat said…
Nice pots, Tony! It's too far for a day trip so toes crossed for lots of photos!

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