One of the nice things about firing a bourry box kiln( also known as a boring box) is there is time to read or in Colleen's case sculpt some birds and her first figurative piece a bust of Donny Goldilocks Trump. We were going to fire him in effigy but figured he might blow up and ruin the firing for the rest of us.  Hmmm there might be a slight bit of wisdom in that line. Speaking of Goldilocks I lent Goldilocks Doc Agel a bandana to keep his rug from getting singed from the flame.
There are a whole lot of advantages to the bourry box but for me is to be able to get up in the morning and not ache were you used to play. The stoke door is up where it belongs and you ain't staring into a firing inferno for a couple of days.
Kiln went off nicely with a long hold between Cone 9 and 11 so there should be a nice ash glaze melt. As always the kiln has the last say and the proof will be in the pudding. Usually though it nice work goes in nice work comes out. I have never seen a wood kiln make a bad pot good but I have seen a wood kiln make a good pot beyond gorgeous. 


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