Tobacco Town, Motown, The Windy City, Beer Town and Bingo

My town Aylmer used to have Imperial Tobacco occupying 1 million square feet of warehouse space to process cigarettes that didn’t hurt no one. I left Tobacco Town yesterday at 6am went thru Motown, got bogged down in the windy city of Chicago
 and wound up past Milwaukee to meet Donovan and Colleen just in time to go out for a hamburger, a beer and bingo in small town Minnesota.  It was a long haul but on my nephew’s advice I didn’t eat anything and I drank lots of water. Food makes ya sleepy and water makes ya pee so you stop to pee and stretch your legs.

1489 kilometres is a good days drive for a geezer. 

It shouldn’t surprise you that Donovan a kiln builder has all the man toys available to man. A Bobcat to move the wood, brick saws and the love of my life arestored Airstream trailer. Actually he has two of them as if one isn’t enough.  Their house and studio is really cool with sheet steel siding. Even the walls inside the house are steel with huge steel beams as support in the house.  Nicely rusted and no maintenance which also appeals to the man in me. The house is full to overflowing with nice pots which provides constant eye candy. Tomorrow we galze and load the kiln. It will be nice to be part of this team firing the kiln. Always nice to see how others approach a firing. I came here to learn and watch.  


smartcat said…
One of the benefits of all your travels is that you always give us a terrific travelogue.
I'm, looking forward to loading, firing, and the results. I'd love to see the Airstreams!

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