Riders on the storm

There is only one thing more fragile than a trailer park when a tornado decides to set down.  How about a collection of tents and temporary displays loaded with pots. This little temporary colony can be a great amount of fun for a storm.  Today at the Hutchinson Potters Festival there was a tornado warning.  It didn't really develop but it did wash out the day. Tents were bending and pots went flying under 4" of rain but all the potters were safe and sound in Clay Coyote drinking beer and yucking it up. When the rain let up there was a Clay Olympics with Shimpo Lite as the grand prize. The end of the day had all eating a glorious meal of fried chicken, salads and as if I needed it- pie and ice cream.
Potters are like farmers and so much of your success depends on Mother Nature. We are on the open plains here with acres upon acres of corn. I hope the farmers faired the storm.
It promises to be a nice day tomorrow so I hope those that had intended to visit the festival show up to support a great group of potters.


gz said…
here's wishing you all good weather and success...sell plenty, have fun!

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