Would you like fries with that?

Some people call it Mother in law blue cause she likes everything you make or maybe it is so dang ugly ya give it to her. Not sure of the origins of that one. Some people call it cash flow blue because people buy blue pottery and it’s an instant bank deposit. Down in the deep south they call it “Ho” blue because you are a hoare for selling out. Me, I call it killer blue. I have blue eyes and many times when I wear blue people comment on my eyes. So it ain’t all that bad and it could be one of my favourite colours after yeller! I’m also managing these beautiful rutile crystals floating around like ice on Lake Erie.
I had many years of being King Shit of Turd Island with a sea of brown around me. With a resume covered in mud I figure I either make a living at pots or join some of the seniors that are working at my local McD’s. I’m terrible at trying to sell anything I don’t like. I don’t know whether it is my lack of enthusiasm or whether a subliminal message appears on my forehead that screams “Don’t buy this. It is shit!”.

So the point is I like da blues. Not any old blues but ones with some depth and quality about them. I’m enjoying adding layers of information down on the surfaces of these plates. I got stuff under and over the glaze . More is more!  I now need some time to work out the vertical surfaces.


Whistle Creek said…
I've had some damned good fries in Canada. None of them were in the shadow of the golden arches. You have unique pretty well figured out and that one little spot of color( and it may not matter which color) does help get peoples attention.
Annied01 said…
when I first saw the photo on FB I thought something had happened to your eyeball... love me those blues!!

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