Just expect a creative life

If you think a creative life just happens think again. There is a lot about this creative life that is just plain old drudgery.  I had to order bubble and peanuts to ship the pots to Minnesota and The Hamptons. What this means is that for the next two to three days I will be wrapping pots and packing to be thrown by the courier underhand and not overhand.  While I was at it I discovered I was out of mountain money. The only thing money is good for in the mountains is TP and I was plum out of it. Both money and TP to be precise.
 I’m firing for the third time this week. I got two of the porcelain bowls in this firing. Porcelain is teaching me patience. I have the teapots still under wrap as I have a lot of time invested in them.
What’s nice about a small kiln is the turn around time but the down side is you fire more often. The upside being you get to see the results and react to them. I’m going to be up tonight till after 11 firing. An

 hour later than I turn into a pumpkin. I thought I needed just a few more big bowls so here’s to the kiln devil


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