Bringing Your Own Cheerleaders

Many potters/craftspeople I know think that the hosts of a workshop or the gallery owners should bare the sole responsibility for the promotion of the event or their work. I have heard “Well that’s why they get the commission!”
I am a fan of trying to bring along a few of my own cheerleaders. Some call it shameless self promotion. I call it pimping my ride. They are carrying me so I will do what I can to make sure the event is well known to my circle.  I have worked hard over the years to develop a group of people that like my work. They have stuck with me during highs, lows, stamping, thick slip, earthenware, shino, wood fire, ash glazes. God, I’ve pretty well done it all including the black velvet painting of ceramics- raku.
I was surprised on my return home to find an envelope with a stack of cards with postage stamps included from Shane Norrie Contemporary Gallery in Stratford. How classy is that?  Shane and Elizabeth know how important it is to have the artist’s invite their cheerleaders and have made it easy for me. I often send cards to friends I know can’t attend but I am letting them know I am thinking of them.
I am pleased to now be represented by The Kiln Gallery, Fairhope, Alabama. Potter/proprietor Susie Bowman took the remaining work from the Alabama Clay Conference for her gallery and the 3 larger pieces from the exhibition are destined for The Kiln Gallery, LA- Lower Alabama.  

If my pots aren’t sweet enough to flush you out Susie also carries the hard to get Ronnie the Rat.


Unknown said…
I'm really surprised that you would have such a negative thing to say about Raku. I guess you think that Paul Soldners' career was a total waste of time. If you just said this is a humorous way please accept my apology, but if not I find your comment very hard to take.
Rick Berman

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