Who are you wearing?

It is the day of the Oscar's and I'm wondering who you are wearing? I'm wearing my Stanley Hurst new t-shirt and my stoking sleeves. For some a sure sign of spring is the first sitting of a Robin. For Roxy the dog it is me stacking wood getting ready for the wood firing season. Like all good Canadian dogs she has a hockey puck in her mouth.  Roxy loves when her ladies arrive for a firing. She stays up all night and enjoys all the talk and luvin' from the gang. There is not a snow flake in sight and it is sunny, clear and cold. This is probably my favourite time to fire. We have fired in snow storms, torrential downpours, sauna bath humidity and high heat, fog, and all the kinds of weather Canada can throw at you. My most memorable firing was me firing my train alone in a -46 wind chill. I had my pickup pulled up beside the firebox so i could jump in and out of the heated cab to stoke.  I had a high pitch to my voice for weeks after.  If I could pick a favourite temp for firing it would be between 60-70F with a bit of a wind.
Wish we were firing today. I need to get 10-12 of these pallets of wood ready for the firing and a wagon load of scrap. All you need to do this is a strong back and a weak mind. I have been blessed with both.


Lori Watts said…
LL Bean & Carhartt, per usual. :)

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