Plum Nelly, Rising Fawn, GA

They have the greatest names down here in The Deep South. I’m staying with friends Mark Issenberg and Nona Martini on Plum Nelly Road, Rising Fawn, Georgia. Now how would you like the surname Martini? How cool is that? I wish my name was Anthony Bourbon. This part of Georgia is breathtakingly beautiful. Mark and Nona have a view that must stretch 20 miles.
After a 4 year hiatus from TV I bought a Smart TV before Christmas so I could watch Netflix for a bit of company at night. I started watching Breaking Bad with the main character being Issenberg. I assure you Mark isn’t running a meth clinic here. In fact it is more like a health food clinic. Nona is still gardening in February and we had fresh broccoli, collard greens, bok choi and root vegetables fresh from the garden. Their interests in horticulture are mind blowing.

Missing my man machine Honda snow blower this morning. Feb in Canada a man has blowing to do.


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