Come on funny feeling

As much as I love my friends south of 49 it is like a breath of fresh air to cross over that bridge and have the Canada Customs man at the border say “Welcome home!
Yes, this is home! Jack had been hitting the Knob Creek pretty hard while I was away and by the looks of his glassy eyes he had smoked his fair share of pot.  We both sat in silence and stared down the barrel of the choices we have made.

The funny feeling knows the way the whole thing comes and goes.
Makes you stop and smell the roses if you’re smart.
The funny feeling never lies. It’s there to open up your eyes
Makes you stop and realize you’re blessed.
Come on funny feeling. – Rodney Crowell

If you were to ask me what is the happiest time in my life I would answer now. At this very moment, at this very place, on this very day. I should answer at the birth of my kids, at a wedding or some other time but this is the moment.  I came home having made so many new friends. I know I did a good job. I just feel so content right now! I am blessed that my passion has become a life long career.
The Cactus Lounge never looked better. I missed my art, my books, my music, my cooking and of course Jack. We need each other to keep one another in line. Tomorrow we get back to exercise and clean living. Good night, Jack! I love you!


Unknown said…
Hi T,
You know, Minnesota is as close to Canada as you can get from down here. Hope you're going to be able to make the MN Pottery Festival. If so, you've got a home away from home again. This year it even comes with a studio!
As Simon Leach says, "Keep Practicing".

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