The difference between try and triumph is a little umph!- Marvin Phillips
Ratagama 2017 is all over but the crying. Crying because I look forward to it so much each year. Ron keeps threatening that this is the last. At age 82 he aches where he used to play and with almost all wood firings there is a post firing depression. So much work, so much anticipation, so much chance for failure and then all is quiet.  I would rather die of passion than of boredom- Vincent Van Gogh
Ron had The Last Sale so I have suggested that Jan 2018 be The Last Waltz. I have volunteered me and the Canadian Eh Team. I know Steve Driver and the Arkells will be there. A better collective crew I can’t imagine.  If we can get Ronnie to sit still he can smoke a cigar, sip a Dickle, relax,  point and grunt. The Eh team are used to this when firing with me. I hope they have learned not to hope it be easier but to hope they were better at it.
I know having 26 for dinner must be exhausting for Ron and Hester but I really believe it is exactly this youthful energy that keeps them both young at heart. You have to think young to grow old.

Here are some jugs from the firing. Thanks to photographer Harry Hayes( Ron’s neighbour)  for the great pics.


Anonymous said…
Looking great! Love those toasty, smokey pieces.

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