Suffering from women’s guilt

I rolled in on Monday night from the Heart of Dixie and slept diagonally in my bed. I think I wanted to know the whole thing was mine. I spent Tuesday doing laundry, groceries, banking, and all the work a man is never done with.
Wednesday,  I could have used the entire day to do much of the same but I got a sudden case of women’s guilt. We’re having a wood firing. Is the bathroom clean? Are there enough groceries for everyone? Are the sheets clean and changed in the guestroom?
I need to get back to work in the studio after all I do make my living from my pots. So today I made 25,000 grams of my crack, 20,000 grams of my Aussie shino and 5,

000 grams of the Green Crystal liner glaze. I got the bisque going and glazed a few pots.
Uncle Donny dropped in to welcome me home. I appreciated that since although I love my town I have no artists here to hang with.

I will fire by Saturday if that satisfies you women that crack the whip.


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