The Promised Land

I don’t know how many in the US looked at me in disbelief when I told them I live on the same latitude as Northern California. When y’all go to Portland for NCECA you will be northwest  of me in terms of latitude. It almost appears that 1/3 of the US is north of where I live. Yes, Detroit is north of Windsor, Ontario.
I live on Lake Erie which is that little bitty pink finger sticking down at the bottom of the map. We live in a Carolinian forest area that has many of the same trees as the Carolinas. No, I don’t live in an igloo nor is there any snow on the ground nor is my mail being delivered by dog sled. I have never seen a polar bear or sled pulled by dogs. We actually drive cars and the cell phone was introduced to us early this year (har, har)  and the neighbours all crowded around when my parents got their first colour TV . I think that was in !964.  
Travelling to other countries is an amazing thing to do. I highly recommend it!

Canada has been rated as the 6th best country in the world to live in. Who ever came up with that has every right to be wrong. Canada is the best country in the world to live in.


Anonymous said…
Canada sure is coming up in my eyes!

I understand they are fortifying the border out of concern for the hordes of us US expats who might head on up. The Cactus Lounge could become a stop on the new Underground Railroad.

Allllllllll aboarrrrrdddddd!
Annabelle said…
Looove your blog, Tony!
Unknown said…
I've been there, the people are nicer and it's waaaay south of Minnesota. I'll bring my own clay, Tony.

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