Collective Energy

I have this 2 + 2 = 5  energy theory when it comes to relationships that like most of my theories not everyone agrees with. I maintain that sometimes two people can get together and their combined energy is greater than the sum total of themselves. Sometimes the right team can be way more than what is possible for each person individually. It is also true that you can team up with someone that sucks your energy out and the sum total of 2 + 2 = 3 or even less.
Being here in The Deep South has me thinking of how amazing it was to be a presenter at The North Carolina Potters Conference 2016 along with my  USU class mate Sunshine Cobb and Steve Godfrey from Alaska. Can you tell by the looks on our faces that the energy is greater than the sum total of the three people? Here we are working on a collaborative piece. The piece was auctioned off to raise money for some young person to attend this years conference.
Hey I am looking at the line up and it looks like more BIG ENERGY again. I’m really diggin’ Blair Clemo’s work and especially those killer cups.

NC is where it’s at with clay. After the conference it is being followed up by The Wood fire Conference. Wish I could be everywhere.


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