Doing Crack!

We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us. Winston Churchill.
I love old painted furniture with all kinds of cracks and blemishes. My home has it’s fair share of old painted furniture that I love. I got acquainted with chaulk paint and painted my kitchen cupboards gray and then white crackle and rubbed off the white to expose the gray underneath. It is little wonder that I am now involved with “antiqueing my pots”. What used to take me a day to do is now taking me two. I bisque, then apply crackle and then bisque again to Cone 020 so that I can rub in a cobalt saturated shino into the cracks and then glaze again for high fire. My promise of making a couple hundred dollars a month as a potter has now dropped to a poet’s wage. I forgot to pay my electricity bill before I headed to The Heart of Dixie for a month and arrived home to a threatening note. I paid it immediately since I don’t want to have to watch Netflix by candlelight.

Shane Norrie Contemporary is having a show of potters work on March 11th. I don’t think I’ll have new work unless these big jugs are killer.  I’m excited about this crack but I just got to land home long enough

to nail it.


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