Potters Beauty Pageant

After a month in The Deep South I have just left the Heart of Dixie (Birmingham, Alabama) and I’m headed home to The Promised Land. I left Birmingham this aft at 24C. I expect I’ll be welcomed home to temperatures in the single digits and hopefully some snow. I actually miss it!
I was center stage at The Alabama Clay Conference with Cheryl Tall a figurative sculptor from California and Ken Baskins of Louisiana a maker of large mechanical inspired sculpture. They said I was center stage because I was the senior member. I prefer to think I was the cutest.
I really have left my heart in Dixie as I do love the people so much. I wish I could train Canadians to say “ YES SIR!”.
Here is an image of the t-shirt that they had printed for the conference. Nice to have one of my drawngs on the Tee.
I made a large 3 piece bacon bowl and had made some clay biscuits in a cast iron biscuit mold that I applied. I didn’t want to be just an old crock or old crock maker. I too wanted to be an artist. I filled the bowl with six cups so there was coffee, biscuits and bacon. The thick slip on the cups would qualify as grits.  A true southern feast. I suggested that we auction it off to be fired in a local anagama “Fat Bastard”. The pot sold for $350 and proceeds went to send a student to next years conference. I support students in any way I can.

I’m posing in front of the bacon bowl with my Alabama buddy Stanley Hurst the tool man. I gave him a copy of my book and he said he almost cried reading it. I said you got to be kidding.!  He said “ No, I ain’t kidding,

I got a tender heart!’ Bless your heart, Stanley.


Gardendaze said…
Tony, Thanks for the gifts you left with us in Alabama: your ideas and skills, your kind spirit, and your quick wit. I'm already practicing my gallery and lid techniques. Save travels--and please come back when you run out of grits. Linda
Annabelle said…
You were the cutest! :D Loved seeing you at the AL clay conference!

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