Sagger Makers Bottom Knocker

This is the occupation I would like to list on my CV. As y’all know (I picked that up in the South) a saggar was used to protect the pots from flame impingement, ash and all that nasty stuff that I covet. The saggar can also be used to create interesting surfaces by filling it with different combustibles like charcoal. The saggar had to be made with precision by a skilled craftsman. The bottom knocker ( a young boy) made the base of the saggar from a lump of fireclay which he knocked into a metal ring using a wooden maul.
The occupation saggar makers bottom knocker sounds like something exciting I did with a southern bell in Alabama. Sorry to disappoint y’all!
As I drove home from Louisville ( Low eh vale) Kentucky in the fog I couldn’t see the gas stations, signs or rest stops. One of my techniques for driving long distances is to drink water and chew gum but not to eat. I pulled over at a Lion’s Den Adult Superstore to buy some gum. I paid a lot of money for that gum and it tasted a lot like rubber. It did however keep me awake.

Today I did man’s work- groceries, laundry, banking, phone calls, emails,  watered the plants and started a bisque firing of pots that have been waiting. A man’s work is never done.  We good ones  are so unappreciated.


smartcat said…
Although he toils from sun to sun, a man's work is never done!
Always enjoy your posts1

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