Seeing Stars

First of apologies in the last post for the spelling of David's name. It is Stuempfle the original big pot man of Seagrove, NC. Nancy his wife is the Director at Star. Not sure but her last name might be Gottovi. Thanks for my wing man Doc for correcting me on this.
Surprise of all surprises my buddy Danny Finnegan  shows up at the home of Bruce and Samantha. He has come down from Virginia to take home a ton of Star Clay. Dan says he is making his best pots ever since using this clay.
We all went to a Glass and Beer event at Star which is probably going to turn out to be the biggest social event in Seagrove area for miles around. Beer and food= a potter's gathering.
Check out this sign on the wall. America needs to invest in businesses like this one where American ingenuity and hard work are alive and well. Artists are feeding families. No jokes like what's the difference between a potter and a large pizza. Answer: A pizza can feed a family of four.
Check out this Board room table that is made of steel beams and a large section of the floor. It has to be lifted with two fork lift trucks.


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