Clay lines and blood lines

It is great to be in the good company of Ron Meyers and Lanier Meaders. Lanier was responsible for keeping the tradition of the ugly jug alive in Georgia. Doc and I are in Seagrove, NC visiting potters and it is more than I could possibly write about in a day's blog post. We are staying at Bulldog Pottery with Bruce and Samantha. They are such gracious hosts.  A visit with Crystal King to talk NC ugly jugs. Saw some real ugly ones by one of my NC folk heroes Burlon Craig. At end of Burlon's career he had those ugly events like Ron Meyers and Micheal Simon had where people would get into punching matches trying to buy his work. He was making more on one pot than he used to make for an entire groundhog kiln load. What is so amazing here in Seagrove is that there are some clay lines but also blood lines that go back generations. 


JLK Jewelry said…
So great to meet you both! I love your work, even more than I did last night. This is a great community and so great we have so much. Please come back. Such a pleasure Sir!

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