Full a shit!

Doc and I visited the groundhog kiln of Sid Luck in Seagrove. I'm not so sure I'd like to crawl into one of those groundhogs with a gravel floor of silica rocks. When placing the pots on the rocks there is no need to wad the bottoms.  I can imagine when not in use a groundhog kiln is the perfect home for all kinds of snakes and critters.
Sid's one son is a chicken farmer so he gets all these cardboard containers that the chicken shit in. He stokes the chicken shit containers on top of the slab wood into the fire mouth of the kiln. Chickens eat their own poop so you can too when you buy a Sid Luck crock. Come to think of it the ash glaze was kind of a chicken shit yeller. Yeller is my favourite colour.
Like all the potteries we stopped at Sid took the time to explain and talk to us.  Man if some of the Guilds could see the insides of some of these potteries there would be red flags going up everywhere. These are working potteries not hospitals with night classes. To be honest I need a semi clean space to work in.
It's Valentines Day so I send my love out to all of you in Clay Land.


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