A new Pope has been named

Well, we saw the first puff of white smoke out the stack of the Ratagama here at The Rat's Nest here in Athens, Georgia. The first puff was from Ronnie's cigar and the second one from the kiln. Ron Meyers has been anointed Pope Ron except I don't think he's Catholic. Perhaps King Rat is more fitting.
 Ron was supposed to sit here  point and grunt but he spent the day inside the kiln and just when the door was up there was wood to be split. Cocktail hour isn't until 5 on the dot so he had to chop some wood.
There is a great gang here and we have had some superb meals. Last night was 7 lbs of shrimp and 3 lbs of catfish,  cheese grits, coleslaw and to die for macaroons.  Not a tofu sponge anywhere to be seen. Tonight was fresh oysters, sweet potato soup, mango salad and banana cake. Oh what I have to do for the sake of art. Did I mention pancakes and tomorrow cheese grit waffles.  Susie's mum made wool hats for all us old people to keep our heads warm in this 60 degree Arctic Plunge. Actually it is down to freezing at night so they are a welcome addition to the potter's fashion statement.


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