Heaven and Hell

Nancy Green has a great collection of posters that I like. Lucinda Williams Saint of White Trash. Nancy took us to meet Chris Hubbard who was born again to be an artist. Well if you're going to be a born again it might as well be as an artist living close to the bone with a fine set of wheels. He had an amazing collection of outsider folk art and it seemed like he hadn't talked to anyone for a long time as he went on like a machine gun. All along my eyes were travelling the walls and floors for all this great stuff that of course wasn't for sale.
Art is a cruel mistress and there are those that are called to do it. I am full of admiration for those that believe in the calling. It seems here in the south there is a celebration of outsider folk art much more so than in Canada. Perhaps here the climate allows more of these artists to live close to the bone.
This place is full of characters and I seem to have a nose for them. The world needs more characters.
The kiln is cooling at Ronnie the Rats.
My USU buddy Trevor Dunn drove all the way from Florida to cool the kiln with his water drip system. Very high tech- a piece of angle iron and the water

hose. 30 ounces of water a minute running into the coal bed. After the hydrogen cool to 1800 we switched to wood to drop the kiln to 1500F. It was still a 12 hour process.
Heaven and hell. You go to heaven for the view and hell for the good company. I know exactly where I'm going.


Jeff Abney said…
I see some R.A. Miller "Blow Oskars" on the wall behind you in one of those photos! I have a couple of those, too!

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